MS SQL and BI Specialists

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MS SQL and BI Specialists

What We Offer

Exabyte Development connects people and data. We provide users with the tools to modify existing information or create new data. We tenaciously assist our clients and their businesses with our expertise. We transform their data repositories into valuable and relevant business intelligence.

SQL Server

Skills and Services

We will design your database by following a proper process of analysis of the requirements ensuring that we use the appropriate data model with the correct entity-relationships and normalization principles. This ensures the best solution for your needs in terms of speed, efficiency and quality for the future. We are also proficient in any work relating to stored procedures, views, functions and any other database object.

We can analyse and optimize any of your database processes causing a bottleneck. This could be anything from attending to missing/redundant/unused indexes to optimizing T-SQL code when available. We frequently manage to reduce processing time from hours to minutes or seconds depending on circumstances.

We specialize in various forms of once-off migrations of data from one system to another, or ongoing importing or exporting of Microsoft SQL Server data. This includes any required cleaning and transformations of data as well as enrichment such as lookup or handling of reference data. This is done using a variety of tools including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

We can handle the development of all of your SQL Server Reporting Server (SSRS) reports, maintain report definitions, maintain report manager portal. We can also develop PowerBI reports.

Our passion is in assisting businesses in transforming seemingly meaningless data into relevant effective business intelligence providing your company with direction and efficiency. We can provide you with self-service tools to quickly analyze and work with large volumes of data through OLAP cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), PowerPivot etc.


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